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    Day 1.182 – New Baby Born

    Very frustrating morning. My laptop keeps playing silly tricks on me, and won’t start up at all. It just keeps going through this Win XP start-up cycle, and booting or re-installing XP doesn’t seem to do the trick. For 3 days now I’ve been trying desperately to fix the machine, and after another 4 hours today I simply give up on it (men need new electronic gadgets now and then anyway, right).

    When Trina confirms that the local Best Buy is open today, the 4th of July, I grab my bike, plastic card in my pocket, intend on getting the Asus notebook I’ve been wanting for a while. In the store I’m quickly distracted by a sleek looking Toshiba baby, read a few reviews online in the store, and decide to go for it. Just like that. So much for my Asus love. I can assure I’m not like that in real life… 🙂

    The 400 USD (+30 USD for bag and mouse) price tag will probably burn in my dollar-anorectic mind for a while, but I really feel I need this new baby to keep WT alive and up-to-date. I’m sure you – the WT-reader – will understand.

    At home Trina and Mike’s treating me to a delicious sandwich and salad. I simply love everything that comes from their skilled cuisine hands. This is a good life. We all get ready for tonight’s 4th of July events, and go to a restaurant/bar nearby with outdoor seating and have a glass of sangria. Evening temperature is perfect as usual.

    At the table next to ours is a Scandinavian looking couple, and I soon see the guys’ T-shirt with the unmistakably Danish text: DBU Fodboldskole (Danish Soccer School). Katrine and Jakob from Næstved are traveling in the US for 4 months, and though it’s kind of weird for me to speak my native, Danish tongue again after some 4 months of Spanish/English, it’s a welcome breeze from the Danish shores.

    Mike works as a budget officer at The White House, and Trina works as a public health analyst for the government as well. That sort of jobs has it’s advantages, and tonight they are invited to The White House for the events going on there. Stylish.

    Meanwhile, I – The Duke of Humbleness – go to the National Mall, along with more than a million (yes, more than 1.000.000, according to tomorrow’s newspapers) spectators, anticipating the great 4th of July fireworks.

    It’s truly a mad scene with oceans of people, and I can’t think of anything but the unforgettable carnival in Salvador in northeastern Brazil back in 2001 (with some 1.5 million people partying in the streets) that involves this many people. In comparison, this event is more controlled, less insane, of course, but it’s quite a spectacle nonetheless.

    I find a spot right in the center of the action, next to the Washington Monument, and crash/relax while I wait for the highlight of the night: the fireworks show. And boy was that worth waiting for. The gigantic 15-minute display is professionally orchestrated and pure world-class. Very impressive. And the million+ observers seem to be impressed too, judged by the uhhs! and ahhs! and woahs!

    (Please come back for photos)

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