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    Day 1.183 – The Last Supper

    Waking up to grand slam tennis most mornings here in D.C. has been a treat for me. This morning the Wimbledon tennis final takes up the first 4 hours of my day. In a historically long final, Federer beats Roddick 16-14 in the fifth set and thus enters the book of tennis records as having won the most grand slam titles ever. EVER! Congrats to the Swiss.

    It’s been 5 months to the day since my last haircut. You can tell. So could Ben, a local hairdresser, the other day when he ran across the street to tell me that he worked next door and could do some funky, near-magical things to my hair, and that I’d get a USD 10 discount. I decide to take him up on it today.

    Hi, you’ve come to see me?, he says smiling as I enter the salon. There’s no denying that. When’s the last time you colored it, he suddenly asks me. Uh, I don’t color it. I spend most of my time on the bike and the sun takes care of that, I inform him, and automatically lower my expectations of what’s going to happen to my hair.

    Apparently, the same sun that makes my hair all blond also makes it dry as hay, and next thing I know is that I’m sitting under this dryer with a plastic cap on my head, with a wonder treatment in my hair, looking (I imagine) like an older woman getting her curls done. Anyway, haircut done, I go to the local Whole Foods Supermarket to get some wine for our (Mike, Trina, and I) last dinner.

    As if I haven’t been spoiled staying with Mike and Trina here in D.C., Trina dishes up the most delicious South Indian dinner at home. I’ve got 6 different goodies on my plate and it’s all pure spicy heaven – as is the strawberry/rhubarb pie with vanilla ice-cream! This Last Supper will definitely make it harder for me to go back to my standard on-the-road baked beans and canned spaghetti diet.

    The vinho verde I got today is accompanied by the great road movie (of sorts) Sideways, one of my favorite movies.

    In a rare moment of mental clarity I realize how incredibly lucky I have been staying here with Mike and Trina. Not only have they warmly invited me into their apartment/lives, they have taken care of absolutely everything over the last 8 days (my sincere attempts at shelling out for this and that have been futile), they have been a great, relaxed, funny, and intelligent company, and I know I’m going to miss them when I leave tomorrow. A true highlight on my US crusade…

    (Photos to come…)

    On this day..


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