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    Top 10 Beer of the World

    Knowing that there are so many beautiful types of beer out there, coming up with an all-round Top 10 Beer Of The World List might seem like a bold thing.

    Anyway, I’ve come across a great deal of good beer over that last years, and on the list below is a (sort of) ranked list of some of the best I’ve come across.

    As you can tell, I’m into India Pale Ales at the moment. I had no idea that the US is home to such great (micro) breweries.

    The last entry on the list, the Thai Beer Chang is more of a nostalgic reminder of all the good times this beer gave me in 2007. There’s definitely something in this beer that makes life look a little brighter – and that they don’t put on the label!

    Confronted with a list of other great beers, I feel like a total rookie on the beer scene, so much unexplored territory out there. But I’m working on it, and here goes:

    1. ***** Snake Dog (USA, India Pale Ale)
    2. ***** H.I.P.A (USA, India Pale Ale)
    3. ****½ Dog Fish Head 90 (USA, India Pale Ale)
    4. **** Little Creatures (Australia, Pale Ale)
    5. ****Montieth Summer (New Zealand, Pale Lager)
    6. **** Okocim Palone (Poland, Dark Lager)
    7. ****Hoegarden Original White Ale (Belgium, Witbier/White Ale)
    8. ***½ Coopers Original Pale Ale (Australia, Pale Ale)
    9. ***½ Negra Modelo (Mexico, Dark Beer)
    10. *** Beer Chang (Thailand, Lager)

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