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    New York, New York…

    (UK only)…

    Wow, wow, wow. I made it to New York. Am sitting in a park at the southern end of Broadway, and though there is a strong breeze here, I’m not sure it (the breeze) explains all the goosebumps on my arm and in the jewel box. It is quite simply inexplicable for me to be here in New York, not that I’ve really seen anything yet (just got off the ferry across the Hudson River from Jersey City an hour ago), but just being here is very special to me. Come 51.000 km and 52.000 km: this is a real milestone for me.

    50.950 km, 38 countries, 5 continents and 1.192 days after I left Copenhagen, Denmark, New York is finally under my feet, and – soon, I assume – under my skin.

    Later this afternoon a host through Couchsurfing will open his Manhattan doors for me, and it feels great that it’s been taken care of. For now, I think I’ll just cruise around Manhattan with my bike, trying to grasp that I’m finally here (first NYC visit as you can tell from the excitement)…

    People ask me: Where to next, Nicolai?

    I’ve had voices me telling me where to go for a while now, and I think this might be the right moment to tell you about it. Looking at the map of North America, it seems like I’m almost running out of asphalt on my north-east bound crusade across the US. But not quite. There’s still some 700 km of mostly forested pavement up to the Canadian border, and thus, I’ve decided to make it to Montreal! How about that? I mean, how can I not – I’m in the neighborhood anyway, Canada is totally unexplored territory to me, and Canadians are great people. Then West Africa. Then home.

    Hope these words find you all in great spirits and shapes.

    Nicolai (Manhattan, New York)

    On this day..


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