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    Dag 1.194 – Byen, der aldrig sover (UK)

    Colored only!

    Taking a nap!

    I feel tired too most of the day. Yesterday’s full-on sightseeing madness has taken its toll on me. Still, exploring Midtown Manhattan is on the agenda, tired or not.

    Restaurant in Manhattan.

    New York Public Library. Very impressive.

    Bryant Park, Manhattan.

    Coffee chilling...

    Mural, Manhattan.

    As you may know, I’m a test driver for the German tire company Schwalbe, and I’ve arranged to have Schwalbe send two new tires to this bike shop (Toga) in Upper West Side Manhattan, but unfortunately, the tires hadn’t arrived when I got there today. Such a bummer. And such a long walk up there…

    Ray of light...

    I have my first experience with New York’s subway this afternoon. It’s effective, painless and free (first two rides, anyway, since Ruth gave me a metro card in Philadelphia).

    The Subway

    Japanese dinner with Maulung and Celine...

    (Quick follow-up on the tires: Schwalbe will send them to me in Montreal instead…)

    Hanging out with Maulung in his Manhattan studio.

    Maybe this city doesn’t sleep, but I need it badly…

    On this day..


    One Response to “Dag 1.194 – Byen, der aldrig sover (UK)”

    1. Ruth Says:

      I’m glad you got a couple rides from that Metro card. It (sorta) makes up for me forgetting to give you the SEPTA tokens I had in my car in Philly…. 😉

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