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    Day 1.195 – Brooklyn/Queens

    Maulung, my couchsurfing host, is leaving town for the weekend so it’s goodbye to him and Lower East Side Manhattan today. Luckily, Cristian, another couchsurfer, has invited me to his place in Ridgewood on the border between Brooklyn and Queens, a 30 min. subway ride from Manhattan – or, in WT-terminology, a 1.15 hour bike ride, including a ride across the mighty Brooklyn Bridge.

    Cycling across the Brooklyn Bridge, New York...

    At one end of the bridge a woman (with her family) recognizes me in the street, right in the center of Manhattan. Thing went like this (in Danish):

    Woman: Hey, you are from Denmark?
    Me: Yeah, I am (surprised).
    Woman: Are you the one we’ve been reading about in the paper?
    Me: That’s very likely.
    Woman: How funny is that! (excited)
    Me (a little less excited): That’s very funny…

    So I guess I’ve passed the “Are You Famous” test now…

    Cycling across the Brooklyn Bridge, New York...

    Cycling across the Brooklyn Bridge, New York...

    Brooklyn is a totally different world compared to the glitzy high-rise scene of Manhattan. It tastes a little more like ghetto, a little less golden.

    Brooklyn 2009.

    I meet up with Cristian (31, of Romanian descent, tennis couch + PC doctor, has been living in the US for 24 years) and we get along right from the start. Two Colombian girls, Beatriz and Amalia, are staying (couchsurfing) in his apartment too, along with his roommate Vitaly (33, originally from Ukraine, PC doctor).

    My new couchsurfing home in Ridgewood...

    Again my timing is spot-on. We’re invited to a couchsurfing party in Brooklyn not too far away, and it’s another great introduction into New York life.

    Funny The Way It Is:

    Now here’s something funny. I met Sara (from Montreal) for the first time in Tibet back in October 2006. She was traveling with a small Canadian group (4×4-style while I was struggling the washboard roads) in Tibet, and randomly I met them again in Saga for an unforgettable halloween.

    In Pokhara, Nepal (November 2006) I met Sara for the third time. Our fourth meeting was planned and took place in Ayutthaya, Thailand (May 2007), as was the fifth one on magical Perhentian Islands in Malaysia (June 2007). Tonight was our sixth meeting (planned too, obviously), as Sara is in town for the weekend with a friend from Montreal. It’s kind of surreal. 6 meetings in 3.25 years in 5 countries…

    The couchsurfing gang...

    On this day..


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