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    Day 1.196 – Coney (or was it Corny) Island…

    New York Subway...

    I put some wild Pixies tunes in my ears as I jump on the subway towards Coney Island and I feel like I ride the high tide of the metropolis. Coney Island is famous for its tacky amusement parks that have put the area on the tourist map for years and years.

    Coney Island boardwalk...

    Coney Island...

    It's been a while...

    The place is packed with people on this sun-blessed Saturday. Seems like all of New York’s residents and tourists alike have decided to come to Coney Island! Madness.


    Coney Island...

    Cheesy entertainment!

    It’s the big day of the Siren Music Festival that boasts free gigs with my post-teenage fan Black Francis (of Pixies and Frank Black fame) and his wife in the new duo, Grand Duchy.

    Black Francis and wife in Grand Duchy...

    And my best friend he’s the King of Karaoke
    is probably the best single song line ever written. And it came out of the pockets of the man on stage today!

    Black Francis and wife in Grand Duchy...

    Wonder Wheel, Coney Island.

    Next up was The Raveonettes, a Danish duo, with Sune Wagner (of former Psyched Up Janis fame) in front pulling the strings.

    The Raveonettes.

    Tune of The Day: Calistan – Frank Black

    Manhattan through the subway window...

    This city, well, I just love it. So unbelievably vibrant and overwhelming in that big-city manner.

    (Now was that first photo from the subway funky…?)

    On this day..


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