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    Day 147 – (I’m) Easy Like Sunday Morning

    Sorry, but this post is not available in English

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Day 147 – (I’m) Easy Like Sunday Morning”

    1. Mette mariella Says:

      hey Nicolai 🙂

      Sidder lige og har læst dine dagbogsblade for nok femte gang ;-). Det er ret afslapning for mig efter en hård dag på studiet :-).
      Lov mig at du skriver en bog med billeder og det hele når du kommer hjem. En bog man kan læse i sengen. Og som forhåbenlig kan give stof til drømmeland :-). Jeg skal være den første til at købe den :-).
      Forsat god tur.

      Venligst Mette mariella

    2. Pedallo Pete Says:

      Hello guys!

      …or should I say ‘guy’? What has happened? I log on to find out where you are in the world in your wonderful adventure, and it seems that two are now one!

      Martin, have you gone home because the football season has started, or what? It is disappointing to find that you have left the tour, and even more so not to find a proper explanation. Of course, you don’t owe anyone an explanation, but many people will have followed this site quite often, and will surely wonder what has happened.

      I know friends of mine who regularly look at this site who live in Denver in America, and they are totally befuddled, as am I.

      Martin, are you planning to go back on the tour, or have you packed up for good? Did your knee give you further trouble? Whatever, I wish you the best for the future…I’m sure you will have many more adventures in life.

      Nicolai, good luck to you. I hope your journey continues as adventurously as it has been so far. Admiration to you, mate!

      Lads, an update, maybe monthly wouldn’t be a bad idea, you know. It’s quite a lot to have to wade through especially if you’ve been away for a while (as I have) and can’t remember where you were last!

      Well, all the best to you both, and everyone else in Denmark.


    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Pete…Thanks for your reply. Yes, you’re right, Martin left the expedition on the 31th of July and went back home to Denmark. The reasons are his own personal as you’ll all understand. Nothing between us though!

      I’ll be back on WT very soon with a newsletter (admittedly, it sure has been a while). And Pete, I’m very glad to hear that the WT seed has been planted in Denver. I’l do what I can to make it grow strong 😉


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