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    Day 1.200 – A Rendez-vous In New York

    It’s rendez-vous time for me again here in New York. I first met Solvej when I studied anthropology (BA) in Aarhus (second city in Denmark), and she was studying psychology. That was in 2000. Thanks to Facebook we meet up this morning, nine years later, in lower Manhattan.

    Solvej and I in Battery Park, Manhattan.

    It is to be 2 great, funny, and very verbal days with Solvej in New York. Conversations are inspiring and deep – she’s a bright psychologist after all! 🙂


    Confession time:

    Having your own website, being able to tell your own stories and fables, and leaving the bits untold that you’d rather keep for yourself, is good. Being silent about the truth is not. Thus, confession time, it is.

    For 1.200 WT-days now, I reckon I’ve been pretty successful at presenting myself (on WT) in a respectful manner in most social contexts. And I’ve been trying hard. Trust me. But it’s not all there is to the bigger picture called Nicolai Bangsgaard.

    I am a retard. Yes, a retard. You may find it hard to believe, but this it not the time for explanations. Suffice to say that I feel relieved now that the secret’s been revealed. Proof below:

    Nicolai, the retard...

    Solvej invites me to the Bodies – The Exhibition and before you proceed with the photos below, I suggest you have a quick look at the link for a bit of info about the exhibit. Photography was strongly prohibited, but you, WT-reader, need not worry, ‘cos I’m there for your visual pleasure. Or maybe non-pleasure today.

    This is the real deal (no fake plastic mannequins!) and the exhibitions makes a huge, emotional impact on me. Quiet honestly, I think exhibit has changed the way I look at the body forever.

    Solvej and I are the last people to exit the showrooms, after more than 3 hours of alternative “entertainment”. Thanks for taking me, Solvej, and for the human anatomy crash course.

    How I could live for 33 years without knowing about the sternocleidomastoid muscle is a pure mystery to me, too!

    Nicolai:Hey, Solvej, hold on, isn’t that the kidney…?
    Solvej (laughing uncontrollably): No, Nicolai, that’s the lung…
    Nicolai: Ohh…I see.

    Bodies Exhibition. New York. Very, very cool and interesting.

    Mind you, this is real flesh and bones. The cool, cool thing about the following photo is that, the skeleton dude to the left used to live/exist in the “skin dress” to the right. Dancing with himself! So mind-boggling. So scary. So weird.

    Bodies Exhibition. New York. Very, very cool and interesting.

    Bodies Exhibition. New York. Very, very cool and interesting.

    Bodies Exhibition. New York. Very, very cool and interesting.

    The Ridgewood Gang.

    The Ridgewood Gang.

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Day 1.200 – A Rendez-vous In New York”

    1. Karin Says:

      Hej. Jeg kan kun holde med dig i at det er interessant. Jeg så udstillingen i København i december 2008.
      God tur fremover.
      Hilsen en flittig læser af din side 🙂

    2. Nicolai Says:

      De folk, der står bag udarbejdelsen af udstillingen og arbejdet med at eksponere menneskekroppen, burde virkelig have en præmie. Meget imponerende arbejde/udstilling, ja, Karin.

    3. Diana LaBeau Says:

      We went to that exhibit – did you see the archers? Since we are Olympic-style archers, it was really interesting for us. Yes, it’s very weird but totally interesting!

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