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    Day 1.213 – Dinosaurs

    Having a comfortable base here on Aylmer Street with Sara (and roomies Grace and Kristina) is invaluable for me and gives me time and space to do some of the research that’s needed for my next leg of the journey.

    The bike needs a helping hand, the flight across the Atlantic needs attention, the beautiful city of Montreal at my feet needs more exploring, my mail box needs love, WT needs love, you need love, I need love, we all need love…

    Redpath Museum, McGill University, Montreal.

    I’m a fairly (very! some might say…) organized person, and you don’t want to go to West Africa off the cuff. Thus, I spend a lot of hours here in Montreal checking up on this and that from my wireless laptop. It’s times like these when I feel that a WT-assistant would come in very handy…

    Avenue du Parc...

    The afternoon is spent with Sara at the Redpath Museum on the property of the McGill University, having a filling thali lunch at an Indian restaurant in the cool-vibe ‘hood Le Plateau-Mont-Royal, followed by a much-needed cat nap in the grassy Parc du Mont Royal.

    My first Canadian beer...

    Paradoxically, I feel much more tired off than on the bike. It’s not a new thing to me, but it’s hard for me to accept. Am still tired through my bones today.

    It’s hard mentally to deal with the fact of being exhausted when you’re in a new, big city, eager to explore at large, but not really having the energy that big-city life demands. Oh, well…

    Sara made a delicious salmon dinner tonight, served with my first Canadian beer, and life’s still treating me very fine.

    At "home" on Aylmer Street, avec Sara.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 1.213 – Dinosaurs”

    1. Anne Skovgaard Says:

      Hej Nicolai!
      Nyder stadig at følge med i dit eventyr – og hvis der er noget jeg kan gøre her fra DK, sÃ¥ leger jeg gerne din sekretær, sÃ¥ sig endelig til, hvis der er noget som helst der kan gøres herfra.
      God rejse til Afrika

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Hej Anne…

      Det er rart at høre! Så snart jeg øjner en lille sekretærtjans, sender jeg omgående bud efter dig. Du er øverst på den liste, Anne. Tak.


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