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    Day 1.215 – Bottom Bracket Worn-Out

    It’s time for a Koga tune-up before I take my lady to West Africa. The bottom bracket is done after 26.000 km since the last replacement in Melbourne, January 2008. I ride down to the bike shop My Bicyclette, on St. Patrick’s Street on the Lachine Canal a little west of the city center, where Alex, a bike mechanic, immediately starts inspecting the bike.

    My Bicyclette bike shop in Montreal.

    Apart from the bottom bracket, I decide to get a new rear wheel too, since the spokes are all kind of loose and the rim wall might crack any time soon. Better safe than sorry. Burkina Faso might not be the right timing for a cracked rear wheel, and these guys really seem to know what they are doing.

    My Koga at My Bicyclette bike shop...

    I leave my honey at the operation table and am promised she’ll be all fine by tomorrow late afternoon.
    Trust is a sacred thing.

    Habitat 67.

    Park on Rue Saint-Laurent...

    Park on Rue Saint-Laurent...

    Rue Saint-Laurent...

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Day 1.215 – Bottom Bracket Worn-Out”

    1. Glenn Turn Says:

      I have cheated… I feel awfull

    2. Nicolai Says:


      I take that as a good sign, Glenn…You tried hard, didn’t you, to resist…

      With thanks,


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