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    Day 1.221 – Sunshine (external + internal)

    Montréal -> Trois-Riviere
    Distance (km) : 129
    Time on bike : 7h 13m
    Brutto time: 11.15 – 21.00
    Avg : 17.8 km/h
    Max.speed: 35.2
    Total (km) : 51.913
    Altitude: 1 m
    Difficulty: 3.5 of 5

    Goodbye note in Montreal...

    The last 10 days in Montreal have been amazing! Nothing less, and though I know that it’s getting crowded on my Top 10 Cities of The World (see all Top XX hit lists), Montreal is on the list. Staying with my friend Sara in the center of town has been very comfortable and has given me lots of time to explore the city, new friendships, and the next steps in Camp WT.


    Leaving Montreal Island...

    The climate in and around me is ideal today. Sunny, hot, no wind at all, and a surprisingly pleasant feast for the eye along the Quebecois countryside.

    Quebec countryside...

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    Cycling in to the Quebecan sunset...

    Yamachiche town sign...

    Cycling in to the Quebecan sunset...

    Cycling in to the Quebecan sunset...

    The sunset light wraps the landscape into warm hues, and I really don’t want to stop riding tonight. Thus, at 9PM, long after sunset and darkness, I still haven’t found a spot for the tent. Stomach feels completely empty though, so I stop for my standard canned spaghetti meat sauce dinner, and have a little chat with an old, local guy that tells me that I can put up my tent just a little further down the road, in a grassy area next to the river. Sounds (and turns out to be) like the right plan. I’m crazily tired after 7 hours of riding…

    Railroad crossing in Quebec...

    On this day..


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