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    Day 1.224 – A Day To Remember

    Couchsurfing host Kelie, and Spanish Eva and Ricardo.

    Kélie has invited me to come with her and friends to a summerhouse on a lake in the forests some 100 km northeast of Quebec City. A great opportunity for socializing that no one would turn down. At least not a solitary cycling nomad.

    Kélie and Matt...

    Good times in Quebec.

    It’s going to be an unforgettable weekend with a bunch of great, new friends and too many funny incidents to start recounting. Feeling happily lucky and luckily happy.

    Keena and the sun...

    Good times in Quebec.

    At the summerhouse with Quebecan friends...

    Having a midnight stroll with our black baby...

    Bonfire time!

    On this day..


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