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    Puzzle of the Day!

    It’s not too hard. Difficulty Level: Easy

    Lufthansa 423: Boston, MA, USA – Frankfurt, Germany
    Boeing 747-400 Fri, Aug 28 4:35 PM – E 5:35 AM (next day) – 1
    STOPS: 0 7.00 hrs Economy 3660 mi

    Lufthansa 566: Frankfurt, Germany – Accra, Ghana
    Airbus A340-600 Sat, Aug 29 11:00 AM – 1 3:30 PM
    STOPS: 0 6.30 hrs Economy 3130 mi

    Wish me good luck! I’m thrilled like never before…

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Puzzle of the Day!”

    1. Lisa C Says:

      Hi NB,

      I hope your family is planning a trip to Frankfurt for some much needed hugs and well wishes!

      I’m very happy for you 🙂

      Lisa (happily back in San Francisco for good)

    2. Maarten Says:

      WOW (again).
      Good luck, wish you all the best for this amazing trip!
      Wave if you fly over Holland (-8

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