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    Newsletter from Canada

    It’s exactly 1 year ago since I – with my heart beating – left the Santiago suburb Peñalolen and started the long climb up the snow-covered, Andean giants, that I’d been gazing at with both horror and excitement for days from the Chilean capital.

    Over the last year I’ve cycled through 15 countries, a total of 20,000 km across the two American continents. As the previous WT-years, the last one has been a long, uninterrupted chain of events, places, faces, that I could never forget.

    However, I’m running out of asphalt here in North America. Fortunately, I know that there is new, unexplored asphalt on the other side of the Atlantic. I just received the happy news that my flight over the Atlantic – from Boston, U.S. to Accra, Ghana via Frankfurt (so close to home!) – is confirmed. Thus, it’s a pleasure to announce that on next Friday, 28AUG2009, I’ll leave North America for Africa, my 6th and last continent.

    Breakfast on the curb!

    It gives me the shivers (the good kind) all over knowing that very shortly I’ll be landing in the Ghanaian capital, more-than-ready to explore West Africa. I expect the changes (social (big, black fellas! :-)), cultural (no Subway restaurants, lots of dirt roads), from comfortable USA/Canada to the Dark Continent to be very tangible, and I must admit that although I have swallowed the last 4 months in the USA/Canada and could’ve easily continued my North American, bike nomadic escapades, I am incredibly excited for the next WT-chapter. The little adventure troll sitting inside of me is extremely stoked we going to Africa.

    I am now 50 km north of the Canadian/US border and will arrive in Boston on August 24th. Accommodation is sorted already. I do look forward to Boston, but Africa is written all over my mental whiteboard now.

    From Accra, Ghana I plan to go up through Ghana to Burkina Faso, and on to Mali. Then either to Senegal and further up North-West Africa to Spain, or to Guinea, Guinea-Bissau and Senegal, etc.

    The WT-adventure continues and I need all the support that can be mustered.

    Love, Nicolai

    Parc de la Montmorency (falls) just outside Quebec City.

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Newsletter from Canada”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      you are amazing Nicolai!!

      I just came buck home from two weeks travel by car to Bogotá, Medellín, and some littles towns in the coast of Colombia… and it´s so funny, but I´m quite tired… so I can not imagine how you are, how you manage to continue every day!! Is an amazing force in your heart, which allow you to go on…Waoooo as we say in Colombia: Me quito el sombrero!!…

      I share your happiness about your last continent, your last adventure!! Please keep in touch, we always follow your path!! All my best wishes to you!!!

      Maritza. (Cali – Colombia)

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Thank you so much, Maritza…I really hope all is still great in Cali, with you and all my friends there, incl. all the Rincons. Hope Uli still manages to take care of you!

      Love, Nicolai

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