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    Ghana, West Africa!


    It’s been some crazily eventful days since I left Peter (and all the Western creature comforts) in Boston last Friday. This is primarily just a short notice to confirm that I (and more importantly, the bike too!) have arrived safe and sound in Accra, Ghana.

    Flights from Boston to Frankfurt and (after 5 hour stopover) Frankfurt to Accra went smoothly and hassle-free. At the immigrant office at the airport I was interrogated by some important Mr. Uniform about my travel plans etc. etc. in Ghana, and after 1 hour they finally gave me the stamp (after cashing out the expected 100 USD) and allowance to stay in Ghana for the next 30 days. Yeah!

    Luckily, Abigail – a 27 year old Ghanaian woman that’s invited me to her house just outside of Accra – was still there waiting for me outside the airport. Relief! I was absolutely stoked finally being here, in West Africa, with a new friend waiting for me.

    Ever since I set my foot on African soil 2 days ago, my mind has been beautifully raped (yes, such a thing DOES exist) by the radical change of environment, from the tidiness and orderliness of the USA and Canada to the chaotic noise and street life in the Ghanaian capital. Much as I really, really loved the last 4 months in North America, I do welcome the change of rhythm, the orchestration of the city (or lack hereof), the smells (not too sure about that one, though 🙂 ), the sights (it’s all black!), the sheer feeling of adventures from abroad.

    Even after a few days here in Ghana, the stories and anecdotes abound in my head, and I’ll do my best to share. But do expect long delays and periods of silence from me.

    Though Africa is no new calf in the cattle shed for me (this is my 6th visit to the continent – see more), I do feel like this is a brand new beginning in WT history, and I have a hard time retaining myself. Looking at my map of West Africa, knowing that it’s all waiting for me, and that I will travel all the way back to Denmark overland, human-powered (minus a ferry ride across the Gibraltar) gives me an enormous sense of joy and excitement, and the goosebumps know no end.

    My bike is patiently waiting for me in my room, all clean and equipped with the latest bells and whistles, and I fell pretty much the same (minus the bells and whistles, just the good old legs). This is my 6th and last continent, and I slowly begin to believe and realize that this is an amazing, epic journey, as people keep telling me.

    Thanks for the invaluable support out there!

    Nicolai (from an internet cafe in an Accra suburb, Ghana)

    On this day..


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