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    What a ride! (Short Tibetan update)

    I’ve now arrived in Ali in Western Tibet after some gruelling and hard days. Physically because of the altitude, the ultra-thin air, the low temperatures, and well, because of the crash that I had about 5 days ago that badly hurt my left hand. Mentally because of the incredible isolation, the loneliness. It’s been very tough for me but I’ve recoved and will leave Ali tomorrow together with 3 great American cyclist…Tibet is a BIG place!

    Expect a long silence from the WT HQ – Internet is a rarity in these regions…


    Wonderful cycling near Dahongliutan, Tibet...

    A nightmare come true in The Great Wilderness of Tibet...

    Sunset on the Aksay Chin, Tibetan Plateau, 4800m.

    On this day..


    12 Responses to “What a ride! (Short Tibetan update)”

    1. Rich Says:


      Amazing pictures. I love the last one… Hope your hand heals fast and you’ll enjoy your Tibet adventure again. I’ll see you at dinner later tonight;) Rich

    2. Tom and Donna Rock Byrne Says:

      Hi Nicolai,
      It’s great to finally read your site and see a picture of you and your travels. Also liked the fellow sitting on your right at the ‘Ali Diner’. He looks like a lobsterman!
      Hope your hand heals quickly in the high altitudes.
      Enjoy the company on your next segment. Have a safe journey!
      Tom and Donna

    3. Leon Mandal Says:

      Kære Nicolai.

      Gennem Flemming fÃ¥r vi her i firmaet ind imellem indblik i, hvad du foretager dig ude i den store Verden. Det er herligt at følge “ekspeditionen”, men det var grimt at læse om dit styrt og din store hÃ¥nd, som heldigvis forhÃ¥bentlig er blevet mindre igen. Du skriver i slutningen af din beretning, at du gerne vil have besøg. Vi har intentioner om i Lottoklubben at bruge alle vore penge til en evt. rejse ud til dig, men indtil videre mangler vi lige et par millioner. Vi kan ikke komme ret langt for 242 kroner, som er nogenlunde det vi vinder pr. 5. uge…. 😉

      Pas rigtig godt på dig selv og lad os høre fra dig igen.

      Kærlig hilsen fra Leon.

    4. Fabien Says:

      Hi dude,
      such a long time without seeing you, and now you’re on the top of the world!
      I still hope to meet you again somewhere… who knows?
      Take care y disfruta la vida dulce!
      Kisses from Nouakchott, Mauritania.

      Suerte, the dirty french rat 🙂 Fabien

    5. Ida Says:

      Phenomenal pictures, enjoy the ride 🙂

    6. Bjoern Says:

      Hej nikolaj Рkan kun sige dette samme som de andre p̴ siden Рhvilke billeder!!! shit.

      peter p̴ luksus fortalte, at du skriver lidt for metroexpress Рer der andre steder du skriver om din tur??

      nyd den friske luft

      Venlig hilsen – Bjørn Harvig

    7. Cousin Jan Says:

      Hi cousin Nicolai

      It’s great to follow your ride. Our kids do often ask where you are and then we turn into your site. We hope very much you are enjoying your travel. Thanks for your informative and metaphorically travel descriptions by email.

      best regards from

      Cousin Jan, Aslaug, Rune, Signe, Bjørg and Freja

    8. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Fabian…Surprising to hear from you from Mauritania. Fell in love with that desert state last year, I guess? 😉

      I’m sure our roads will cross again one day! Still vividly remember those great days in Morocco in your company – especially the Monkey Day in the ceder forest!

      Keep in touch…

      You too…Enjoy “La vie Douce”!!!


    9. Fjumse Says:

      Tom & Donna…Thank you very much for your nice message. The hand is getting better day by day and I’m optimistic as always!

      Take care – Nicolai

    10. Fjumse Says:

      Hej Bjoern…

      Det er rigtigt, at jeg skriver for Luksus Magazine i ny & nae. Herudover skriver jeg som du indikerer artikler i MetroXpress hveranden fredag. Ellers ikke. WT er ogsaa rigeligt for mig 😉

      Tak for roserne!

      Den friske luft er ogsaa ufattelig kold her i Tibet, saa jeg er paa vej til lunere himmelstroeg i Nepal…

      Venligst, Nicolai

    11. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Jan, Aslaug, Rune, Signe, Bjørg and Freja…

      My mother told me the other day that your lovely kids like to read about my trip. It really makes me smile and I often think of them while riding the bicycle. Appreciate it heaps!

      Say hi to all of them and stay happy as always…

      Hugs, Nicolai

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