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    Rather exaggerate than being boring!

    The expedition has now crossed the first half year and although it sure feels like a long time ago since I left Denmark, the counter on the front page doesn’t quite match the actual number of travelling days.

    I’ve asked Pablo, aka the Bug Hunter, to have a look at the strange phenomenon…

    On this day..


    5 Responses to “Rather exaggerate than being boring!”

    1. Christian Says:

      Hi Nikolai!

      Hope you could finally leave Hor Chu and found your way to Lhasa – or are you coming to Kathmandu right away? Petra & I are staying at the Swiss-run Samasara Hotel, which has nice food & rooms (homemade bread & cake,…)


      We’d be happy to see U again – otherwise all the best for the great adventure!

      Christian (from Cologne, Germany, right now Boudha/Chuchepatti/Kathmandu)

    2. nancy Says:

      … Nicolai a lot of people in Kathmandu!!!

      sent message when you will arrive… I think to stay here for two or three days more… very nice to meet you here and not in “australia”…


    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Christian…

      Yeah, it took me 5 fuXXXXX days to leave the tiny settlement. I’m heading straight to Kathmandu and will probably arrive on the 7th of November. Samasara looks great. Think I’ll check it out! Thanks!

      I definitely owe you and Petra a nice and cold Tuborg in KTM after your generous meal offer in Hor Chu.

      Hope I see you in KTM, Christian!


    4. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Nancy…

      I’ll probably arrive in KTM Nov 7th. Will keep you updated if you’ll keep them beers cold!


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