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    WT Now On iTunes!

    (English only)

    As you might’ve noticed, there’s a new Podcast logo on WT (look right).

    It means that you can now listen to the WT Podcast on iTunes!

    Thanks to an old friend (aka Mr. Lova’ Lova’) you can now subscribe to the podcast via this podcast link (or click here).

    WT on your iPod, on the stereo, in your car, WT as your ringtone (haha, and thanks for that, Thorbjørn!), WT’s simply everywhere 😉

    Nicolai (Kumasi, Ghana)

    On this day..


    One Response to “WT Now On iTunes!”

    1. Thomas Frank Says:

      WT Podcast indtager nu en flot 6. plads på itunes under “Society & Culture Video Podcast”

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