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    New Photos From West Africa…(UK)

    Hmm… Uploading huge batches of photos from Mauretania seems to be a bigger task than expected.

    Normally, I upload all photos in the lowest resolution (fine for online viewing), but for some reason even that doesn’t seem to work for me. The batches are too big for the connection to deal with, I guess or the visual memory on my laptop isn’t big enough. Something’s not big enough, and isn’t it always like that…

    I have managed, though, to handpick a few photos from the last weeks through West Africa and put them in a Flickr album. A rather poor representation of weeks so rich. No text, no trying to be witty, just visuals.

    The photos are rather haphazardly selected from the tiny thumbnails on my laptop. That’ll have to do for now. Hopefully, the photos will tell their own story – especially to you non-Danish speaking people out there, whom, it may seem (but it’s not so, whispered the devil in my ear) I’ve badly neglected lately in my all-Danish diary. Just keeping up with the diary, mono-language as it is, is at times harder than the pedaling itself, so bear with me.

    Photo Album From West Africa


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    Nicolai (Nouadhibou, Mauritania)

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