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    Automatic Translation of WT Diary…

    A friend of mine (thanks, Brian!) just sent me the following link that automatically translates WT into English. Since I’ve just been posting the diary in Danish lately, this might be a help to some. Naturally, it’s not all correct, but still, from what I’ve just checked it looks better than zero.

    Link to WT Translation

    Am not sure if you need a Google account to make it work. It works for me via the link. Just click it, then go to the DIARY section, click “Nicolai” under “All Diary Entries” and voilá, the translation should be on your screen.

    Let me know how it works!


    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Automatic Translation of WT Diary…”

    1. Brian Bikes Says:

      *^^* Hope that works out, will definitely test it out. Happy trails, looking forward to your 60,000km anniversary on the Koga!!! Peace, Safe Rides…BP in Korea

    2. Oiet Says:

      Google translation works great. You don’t need a Google account to make it work. Google translation has been around for some time. If you had been in Denmark, you would have heard about the political scandal, involving a “secret book” written by a Danish soldier from Afghanistan published on the internet, and translated by Goolge translate and the reaction from the minister of Defence and his administration.

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