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    Day 1.299 – Underwear (UK)

    Som sædvanligt når jeg kommer til en by med faciliteter efter dage på vejene, er der en stak praktiske ting, der bipper ind på to-do-listen. Kædeskift og rens af gearsystem, tøjvask, WT-opdateringer, billeder uploades, madindkøb til næste etape, oplade alt udstyret, sightseeing, afslapning (yeah right!), Skype-snakke etcetera.

    My pair of underpants that I wear while cycling have become embarrassingly dirty and skidrow’ed, and I try not to publicly offend anone by not putting them on the clothes line after I’ve handwashed my gear. Instead I opt for the slow-drying process in my room, secretly.

    And though my handwashing techniques are adequate, I’m not exactly a Whirlpool, and it’s a mystery to me and a total impossibility to get rid of the suspiciously brown and centrally located marks that I try to convince myself is just general grime generated over time – and not what you’d normally assume just there.

    On this day..


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