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    WT Top 13 Hard Times

    Chronologically ordered. Personal experience. (What made it hard in parenthesis).

    1. Azerbaijan (heat, time/visa pressure)
    2. Tibet (altitude, terrain, cold, isolation, crash, terrible washboard roads)
    3. Vietnam (headwinds, non-social periods, negative attention from locals)
    4. Northeastern Laos (nonstop rollercoasters, heat, feeling weak)
    5. Australian Outback (isolation, heat, lack of facilities)
    6. Southern Bolivia (altitude, isolation, nightmare roads)
    7. Southern Peru (mountains, isolation, altitude, cold)
    8. Northern Peru (desert monotony, heat)
    9. Southern Colombia (mountains)
    10. Panama (time pressure to meet friend, heat)
    11. Mexico (monotony, heat, lack of rest days, self-inflicted hardship)
    12. Mali (heat, isolation, heat rash, attention from locals, no frills)
    13. Mauritania (heat, isolation, endless headwinds, lack of facilities)

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    2 Responses to “WT Top 13 Hard Times”

    1. Edgardo Azabache Says:

      Hi world traveller.
      I am a peruvian guy who found your blog from a link on another blog… i am also an adventurer like you…i have been traveling in South America and 3 times in Europe and once, this year, in Africa, Marroco…i have been reading your articles and found them very interesting and mekes me feel like planning another trip which i will carry out soon.
      What a nice adventures you are having every day..what a long trip!
      I was in your country twice and had beautiful experiences with local people, couchsurfers who hosted me…they were very kind to me.
      I just want to tell you i am your fan and admire peope like you.
      I will be following your adventures through your travel diary for the rest of the trip and will be travelling by you..that is what i feel.
      Well keep on travelling till the end of your plan….Good Luck!

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Thanks for the entry, Edgardo. Glad you met some hospitable Danes on your way. There’s a lot of them… 🙂

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