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    Day 215 – Monkeys at the Swayambunath temple

    Low caste girl at the Swayambunath temple, Kathmandu

    Swayambunath Temple, Kathmandu

    Candles inside a monastery at the Swayambunath Temple, Kathmandu

    Monkey mother. Swayambunath - Kathmandu

    Baby monkey. Swayambunath - Kathmandu

    Baby monkey at Swayambunath. Adorable!

    Baby monkey...

    Monks turning the prayer wheels at Swayambunath, Kathmandu

    Nepali woman in Kathmandu.

    Monks at a Swayambunath monastery, Kathmandu

    Turning prayer wheels at  Swayambunath, Kathmandu

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