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    Day 219 – The Real Sick Dog!

    Sick dog!

    Chickens all dressed up for the feast...

    On this day..


    11 Responses to “Day 219 – The Real Sick Dog!”

    1. OMGG Says:

      OMG the poor little dog!

      What happened to him ?

    2. Anonymous Says:

      I hope you took it to a vet. It looks horrible but is the kind of wound that can be healed quite easily with some care. If care is not a possibility it would be more kind to euthanise it than to leave it in agony like this. Even in Nepal, India, Bangladesh and other part of the developing world there are vets, animal rescue centres, etc. So there is no excuse to leave a horrific case like this.

    3. megan eaton Says:

      oh thats so sad hope it gets better

    4. dom Says:

      OMFG POOR LITTLE DOG!!!!!! this made me cry and this is why im becoming a vet… to help this type of things. it looks like a bad case of mange with some fleas and it looks infected. if you let it sit too lonng it might not be able to be fixed i hope you brought it to the vet! no excuse not to!!!!!!!!! if it died RIP )’:

    5. Anonymous Says:

      omg who could leave their dog like that?

    6. Ad Says:

      All you wankers saying ‘I hope you took it to a vet, no excuses!!!’. You cunts. Yeah, because someone saw it, they have to deal with it? Like you would have if you were there. Of course. Of course fucking not. It’s a dead fucking dog. Who gives a fuck.

    7. Nicolai Says:

      Hi Ad….Though I’d have probably put it in a more delicate way, I must say I do follow you here. Personally, I felt sorry for that poor critter, but responsible, not here. Had it been a cat, the story would have been different! 🙂

    8. Nicolai Says:

      …and BTW, who said I just left it like that?

    9. Anonymous Says:


    10. christine Says:

      You are an idiot for posting this picture and not doing any follow up. Did you help the poor dog at all???

    11. tammie Says:

      wait, why had it been a cat the story would be different? u’re a doosh! AND YES I HOPE U TOOK IT TO A VET.

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