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    Day 1.307 – Sandblasts & A Lurking Psychosis (UK)

    Tarfaya -> Sidi Akhfennir
    Distance (km) : 13.6
    Time on bike : 1h 17m
    Brutto time: 08.25 – 13.00
    Avg : 10.6! km/h
    Max.speed: 18.5
    Total (km) : 57.018
    Altitude: 3 m
    Difficulty: N/A

    I didn’t believe Hell could be any worse, be any warmer, but I was wrong.

    As soon as I hit the streets and get the first few sandblasts in my eyes, I realize that I probably should have taken the day off in my pillow-clad Heaven (with cable-TV tennis from Basel).

    The crosswind (read: storm!) hits me “from the 10.30 o’clock angle” (still very demanding and fucked up, make no mistake!) (a northerly) and there is nothing in the landscape to stop the sandblasts. The flags at deserted gas station stand perpendicular from the pole (in my direction of travel, of course), just as in the children’s drawings. In terms of cycling joy the WT has never been deeper.

    The road crosses a major sand dune and on the way down the dune I still have to pedal, small chain ring and all, with a ridiculous 11-12 km/h. On all accounts it is downright wrong and the psychosis is lurking. Even the Koga is howling in the wind. I’ve never hated cycling more than now (Me neither, screamed the sandblasted Koga). When Hussein, a kind local guy, stops and asks me where I’m going and if I need a helping hand (How could he know? Was it that obvious?), I don’t resist. The 75 km to the next village takes under an hour in the car, and I dare not imagine how long it would’ve taken me and the bike.

    In the village of Sidi Akhfennir I check into a clean miniature room at Hotel Atlas (6.30 USD), as the only guest. Mmmm… Fill up on another tajine and coke and go down to the wild Atlantic coast with my iPod, trying to attract some positive mental vibes in the sunset light.

    Tomorrow everything will be better, Nicolai. Tomorrow everything will be better …

    On this day..


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