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    Day 1.309 – But I Don’t Wipe My Ass With My Hand (UK)

    0 km etc.

    Rest day.

    When I eat in public here in Morocco, I am quite aware that people would notice that I (also) eat with my left (the unclean) hand, and although I – depending on the situation and hunger – usually try not to use the dirty hand as much – not wanting to openly provoke the locals – a part of me feel like hysterically scream out that I use toilet paper and that I don’t wipe my ass with my hand! Sometimes I wish I wasn’t so darn considerate with other people.

    I drink coffee.

    I go online.

    I eat tajine.

    I do my laundry in a bucket in my bathroom.

    I recharge my gear.

    I drink coffee.

    I watch a movie on the laptop.

    I watch the sunset.

    I am.

    I eat more tajine.

    I’m in such a good mood that I even tip the waiter.

    I eat 1 kg of mandarins.

    I look at my Morocco map (again, nothing has changed) on the laptop.

    I fall asleep.

    On this day..


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