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    Day 1.310 – The Moral Flagpole Hoisted (UK)

    Tan Tan Plage -> Tan Tan
    Distance (km) : 25
    Time on bike : 1h 45m
    Brutto time: 11.20 – 13.30
    Avg : 14.5 km/h
    Max.speed: 42.2
    Total (km) : 57.136
    Altitude: 40 m
    Difficulty: 1½

    It was only going to be one rest day (two nights) here at Tan Tan Plage. Was determined to stay another day when I woke up, but the prospect of a long writing day didn’t appeal to me as much at the prospect of moving, so at 11AM I pack my gear, check out, enjoy my (for now) last cup of au lait in the hotel restaurant overlooking over the Atlantic (and where else in the world do you have that pleasure at only 0.60 USD?) and say goodbye to the friendly staff (always male) at the Hotel La Belle Vue.

    The crosswind on the road to Tan Tan is crazy and so strong that I can almost lean myself into the wind on the bike. The turbulense from passing trucks pushes me off the road several times. No shoulders here.

    The landscape is flat, bare rock desert, interrupted only by a slight increase (perhaps 100 meters in elevation) up to an (even windier) plateau, where Tan Tan Airport is located. It’s just 25 km to Tan Tan, so I keep the spirit high and am impressed (rather than frustrated) by the cursed forces of the wind.

    An evening visit to a cybercafé is a mental boost that only a tailwind can otherwise give me. There’s activity WT’s Hall of Fame, and even though I’m a bit reluctant admitting it – ‘cos WT is a pleasure child that shares unconditionally – it is a huge motivation for my writings, for the thousands of hours I have spent in the company of WT and its updates over the last 1310 days.

    I’m a little embarrassed admitting it, but I guess there is nothing odious here, nothing morally wrong with it. Support (be it in moral or monetary form) keeps me going, it does good to my sense of justice – and God only knows how much it means to me.

    (Department of footnotes starts here)

    Thanks to MacNamara, Strøbæk, Don A, and everyone else for your support and encouragement.

    On this day..


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