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    Day 223 – “Are you Swedish, sir?”

    More or less creative sayings from the annoying street hawks of Thamel, Kathmandu….It goes something like this:

    “Yes, sir, you buy something”
    “You wanna fly” (drug-dealer)
    “Give me Rupee, sir”
    “Hello, Jean Pierre!” (nok pga. min sorte, kirgisiske hyrdehat)
    “How are you today, mister?”
    “Excuse me, rickshaw?”
    “Yes, taxi!”
    “Yes, rickshaw!”
    “Yes, smoke!” (drug-dealeren igen)
    “Yes, cocaine!” (igen-igen)
    “Yes, buy something, sir!”
    “Are you Swedish, sir?”
    “Smoke, hashishhhh, crack, coke, anything…You buy?”
    “You buy banana today? Maybe tomorrow?”
    “Have a look inside, sir”
    “You buy me sandwich” (sure!)
    “Looking free”

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