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    Dag 1.315 – 2005 + 2009 (UK)

    0 km etc.

    Day off in Tiznit. I wake up way too early, with my head buzzing with thoughts, route plans, plans for the day, and other hyper stuff.

    Tiznit city walls...

    The Apple Man.

    Tiznit city walls

    As I remember from my first visit in 2005, Tiznit is a lovely, untouristy place, easily manageable by foot and full of that laid-back Moroccan every day life that I’ve always loved.

    Tiznit vendor.

    I, myself, could have asked for a bit for laid-back day off the bike today – but I get a lot of things done in the WT/Email department, and that gives a certain pleasure too…

    My room at Tiznit's Hotel Touristes...

    On this day..


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