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    Day 230 – The Himalaya Views – Myth or Reality?

    Daytrip: 33 km

    Splendid Himalaya views from Sarangkot.

    Characteristic Machapuchare or Fish Tail Mountain...Nepalese Himalaya.

    One of the huge Annapurnas, +8000m!

    The magic Himalayan views weren't a myth after all!

    Pokhara temple.

    Sadhu (with a leopard skin) in Pokhara.

    Scary monster!

    Girl with red hands after playing with the colours used at the temple ceremonies

    Women at a wedding ceremony. Pokhara suburbs.

    Appropriately, this cave is named The Bat Cave...Jesus!

    Nepalis enjoying a Saturday picnic...Mahendra Cave area, Pokhara.

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    2 Responses to “Day 230 – The Himalaya Views – Myth or Reality?”

    1. Bex Says:

      Efter at have set den skaldede hund i en af de forrige dagbogs-sider, kan jeg ikke lade være med at spekulere på om leoparden virkelig er død!!!

    2. Fjumse Says:

      …altså, den knurrede lidt, men det var næsten ikke hørbart. Jeg tror, at den i dyrenes verden ville regnes for at være død.

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