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    Day 238 – Top 7 of My Cities…

    TOP 7 over my most visited cities:
    Together with my visit in Kathmandu in 1996, all these days make the Nepalese capital the 7th city on the list of cities I´ve spent most time in. The list goes;

    1. Middelfart (childhood town)
    2. Copenhagen (uni city)
    3. Aarhus (uni city)
    4. Skåstrup (my parent´s summer house on the island of Funen)
    5. Salvador (uni in Brazil)
    6. Haderslev (military service 1996-1997)
    7. Kathmandu (chilling out, sort of)

    I whole-heartedly excuse for my pseudo-statistical tendency and the lack of photos the last few days..

    On this day..


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