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    Day 1.338 – Valencia -> Benicássim (photos)

    Valencia -> Benicássim
    Distance (km) : 87
    Time on bike : 4h 24m
    Brutto time: 11.50 – 17.40
    Avg : 19.8 km/h
    Max.speed: 44.5
    Total (km) : 59.366
    Altitude: 20 m
    Difficulty: 2½

    A few hours of free wifi in Valencia before hitting the road...

    See the fountain?

    Wild camping with a glowing view...

    Tune of the Day: To Defy the Laws of Tradition – Primus

    What if Christmas didn’t come this year
    and no one paid for Christmas cheer?
    Who would cry the biggest tear,
    the child or the store?
    Why do brides wear virgin white?
    Most do not deserve that right.
    But to choose a color of their delight
    would surely bring on the frowns.
    To defy the laws of tradition
    is a crusade only of the brave.
    Suppose the taxman, he comes to town,
    and you don’t lay your money down.
    Yet Mr. Jones he killed Mr. Brown the other day.
    Well I wonder, who’s gonna go to hell.

    On this day..


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