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    Day 1.340 – Barcelona (UK)

    E of Cadrils -> Barcelona
    Distance (km) : 116
    Time on bike : 6h 25m
    Brutto time: 07.40 – 18.00
    Avg : 18.0 km/h
    Max.speed: 48.3
    Total (km) : 59.648
    Altitude: 50 m
    Difficulty: 3½

    Sunrise over Tarragona, Spain.

    Calafell, Spain.

    I’ve been on the bike for 17 days (1.622 km) in a row now. Since I left Casablanca, Morocco, pedal strokes have been part of my daily routine. Think I’ll take a day off tomorrow, checking out Barcelona, getting organized etcetera.

    Cool coastline south of Barcelona...

    As always, entering a multimillion inhabitants city makes for interesting cycling – and Barcelona is no exception! From the outskirts of the metropole it takes most of 1½ hour to reach the city center where – finally, long after sunset – I check into Sound Hostel, close to the infamous La Rambla.

    Near Coma-Ruga, south of Barcelona.

    On this day..


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