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    Day 1.342 – Mind/Body Constellation (UK)

    Barcelona -> 10 km N of Gerona
    Distance (km) : 140
    Time on bike : 7h 08m
    Brutto time: 09.00 – 17.45
    Avg : 19.5 km/h
    Max.speed: 55.2
    Total (km) : 59.788
    Altitude: 200 m
    Difficulty: 3½

    It doesn’t take long to realize that Barcelona is a grand, magnificent city with enough to offer for a life time. To me, it’s the sort of place you want to live in, to get to know every nook and cranny. My long walk around the city yesterday – in part with my former colleague Dennis who studies here this semester – mainly in the Ciutat Vella, the old part of town, revealed just a fraction of the marvels that Barcelona has, and it’s all very impressive and photogenic, yet I’m not really here. The roads are calling my name, and Zülle it is. Loud and clear.

    The Barcelona Dildo.

    My body is tired after 17 cycling days in a go, and my mind needs (I think) a complete black-out day without any input at all, but that doesn’t seem to materialize.

    I’m absolutely stoked that my good old friend Martin, aka Pablo, will come to Brussels on Boxing Day/December 26th to celebrate New Year’s Eve etc. with me (and Belgian friends, and how wonderful it’s going to be!), and I seriously can’t wait having my best friend next to me.

    Mediterranean coast north of Barcelona.

    Mediterranean coast north of Barcelona.

    But because of this post-Xmas plan, my mind/body (however that constellation works) doesn’t really let me relax for long these days. Progress is the name of the day/game.

    When I was in southern Spain end of November, Pablo and I excitedly decided to meet in the Belgian capital, some 2.200 km away, and the distance somehow seemed reasonable at the time, and it wasn’t until I did some more serious Google Maps research that I realized I’d have to cycle nearly 100 km every single day until I reached Belgium nearly a month later in order to meet up with Pablo (that I haven’t seen since our last goodbye (DK) in eastern Turkey, July 2006).

    A bit crazy in the light of the fact that this is not a Guiness World Record Around-the-World Attempt.

    Lunch break on the Costa Brava, Spain.

    In the wood.

    Sunset from my wild camp north of Gerona.

    On this day..


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