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    Day 1.352 – Celebrations (UK)

    0 km etc.

    More indoor cosiness in Limoges...

    Apart from a swift run down to the local supermarché to get some breakfast stuff – it’s Alex’ birthday today (I’ve promised not to talk about women’s age 😉 ) – I don’t leave the apartment all day. WT takes up hours of “work” (nothing new under the sun here), but the rest of this day, December 21st (that also welcomed my grandma Ella (1919-2006 and may she still rest in peace) and my old travel mate T. Frank to this world, and congrats to both of you) is pure back-kicking and boy have I needed this R&R. Beautiful timing.



    Wine is French, beer’s Belgian, food’s huge shrimps, atmosphere’s international. Limoges 2009.

    French wine, Belgian beer, international atmosphere. Limoges 2009.

    On this day..


    One Response to “Day 1.352 – Celebrations (UK)”

    1. Lisa C Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Wow, what nice friends you have there in Limoges. That does look like a cozy place to just chill for a while. Good plan. Snowy, icy roads = unhappy Koga!

      We’re heading to Ireland today…too far from Belgium to join in your holiday fun, but I’m sure you’ll find yourself in the midst of a very fun group of New Year revelers.

      Enjoy and happy holidays!

      xx Lisa

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