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    Day 1.371 – Where Is My Mind/Road? (photos)

    Romilly-sur-Seine -> Rheims
    Distance (km) : 98
    Time on bike : 7h 19m
    Brutto time: 10.50 – 19.30
    Avg : 13.5 km/h
    Max.speed: 31.3
    Total (km) : 60.899
    Altitude: 100 m
    Difficulty: 4½

    (Text to come…)

    Breakfast with Jeffrey (left), Jean-Michel, and Lise...

    I was accompagnied out of Romilly-sur-Seine...

    White-out in northern France...

    Snowcovered and bitterly cold headwind on the backroads north of Romilly...

    Where Is My Road/Mind?

    Champagne district...

    In the Champagne district south of Epernay...

    Comfort with new friends Antoine (left), Morgan, and Anais in Rheims, northern France.

    Umm, more bubbles!

    On this day..


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