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    Day 1.379 – Come Inside (UK)

    Knee Status Update: The swell has decreased along with the pain. Seems like those pretty heavy doses of Ibuprofen are doing a dandy job. I’ve started doing a few exercises to strenghten the knee (and who would’ve thought that would be necessary after 61.000 km on the roads? Life’s weird sometimes)

    Running low on visuals here in Givet – because I spend most days indoor, resting my knee, eating Ibuprofen, working on my laptop, hanging out with Elodie and friends – today’s photo presentation shows my room (yes, it’s mine, and Elodie calls me her flatmate by now 🙂 )…

    The Naked Room...

    …and the view from my room…

    The view from my room in Givet...

    And please have a look at the latest mini-docu from WT (Northwestern Africa) in case you haven’t seen it:

    On this day..


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