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    Day 1.376 – Stephen Hendry (UK)

    New friends means new possibilities of expanding your horizons, personally, culturally, gastronomically, musically, and Elodie introduces me to a bunch of new acts that I’d never heard about. For instance…

    Tune of the Day: When Was I Last Home – The Do

    I dont’ leave the apartment today. I’m wired all day, making a new WT-mini documentary, checking up on the world, and – more importantly – the what/why/how’s of my sad knee situation…
    The decision to stay here in Givet with Elodie for a number of days seems like the only/right thing to do.

    Poor, crippled Zülle!

    This was the product of today’s long hours at my mobile WT Lappie Office:

    At night Elo and I go out to meet some friends at the local bar/pub, and I get to see a glimpse of the town (7.000 inhabitants) beautifully situated on the Meuse River that flows north into Belgium…

    Givet downtown...

    La Meuse River in Givet, France.

    Stephen Hendry #2. ‘Nuff said. 😉

    Stephen Hendry #2

    On this day..


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