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    Day 1.375 – Carte Blanche in Givet, France (UK)

    0 km cycling.
    Ca. 100 m indoor walking.

    Dinner with Elodie in her new Givet apartment...

    Elodie just moved here a month ago for her new job as an engineer at the nuclear power plant in nearby Chooz. So she works during the day – as do I, on different WT-related project that’ve been on my mind for a while now. Elodie has given me a carte blanche and I can stay as long as I want (she told me even before we met, and how wonderfully trustful people can be).

    A big chocolate fan she is!

    I, as a private person, really appreciate Elodie’s open doors here in Givet, just a few kilometers from the Belgian border.

    I, as a sore knee, equally appreciate Elodie’s open doors (=chance to recover)…

    On this day..


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