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    Day 1.373 – Increasing Pain (UK)

    Rheims -> Charleville-Mezieres
    Distance (km) : 88
    Time on bike : 5h 07m
    Brutto time: 10.30 – 17.15
    Avg : 17.1 km/h
    Max.speed: 45.0
    Total (km) : 60.986
    Altitude: 150 m
    Difficulty: 3

    Tune of the Day: Cartwheels – The Reindeer Section

    Flat and relatively knee-friendly...

    My sore left knee gets worse today on my way to Charleville where I have another contact (via Hospitalityclub.org this time).

    Still flat...

    Having a cold cheese-and-chorizo lunch stop midway to Charleville-Mezieres…

    Lunch stop...

    Luckily, the ride is mostly flat and easy, with only a few river crossing (and subsequent ups/downs) and I’m trying not to push it at all. Cycling parallel to the E46/A34 highway, I get to see some small, quaint villages, unmistakingly French.

    Rethel town...

    The favorite sign...

    As I arrive in Charleville-Mezieres my left knee has gone really bad, and I can hardly walk up (or even worse, down) the stairs at Marie Charlotte’s apartment when I get there. Very frustrating.

    But for now, I’m happy being here, indoor and in great company with Macha (nickname), a philosphy teacher, and her two room mates Timothée, a lanscape architect and Tanguy, a journalist.

    Frozen fountain in downtown Charleville-Mezieres...

    Macha and I go out to get groceries for the dinner and we add in a bit of sightseeing, but me knee’s hurting pretty badly now, I walk like a man 3 times my age (i.e a 100 year-old), and I have to just get back and get some leg rest.

    Cheers! in Charleville...

    Despite the pain, it’s a really wonderful evening with my 3 new friends in Charleville-Mezieres.

    Dinner with Macha, Tanguy, and Timothee...

    On this day..


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