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    Day 1.385 – Rivea (UK)

    I spend the afternoon with Elodie and Yannick in the great Rivea Espace Aquatique (French) a few kilometers down the road from Elodie’s apt. For hygienic reasons, shorts are not allowed in the pools. Shorts is what I’ve got in my bag. Because I’m cheap, I can’t be bothered buying a 12 Euro pair in the vending machine, so I put my underwear on, pretending it’s swimming trunks, hoping the elastic band will keep the trunks in its place.

    Rivea Aquatic Center, Givet.

    The Rivea center is water haven with water slides, jacuzzi, hammam, sauna. The rocks.

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Day 1.385 – Rivea (UK)”

    1. Karin Says:

      Hvordan gik det med elastikken i bukserne?
      Jeg bliver helt trist ved tanken om at jeg om ikke sÃ¥ længe skla undvære at læse om din tur – jeg har “været med” hele turen rundt. Kan tydeligt huske jeg sÃ¥ jer i tv inden starten. Men det kommer du vel igen?
      Hilsen Karin

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Karin, de røg kun af beskedne to gange, under vandet uden for nogens åsyn.
      Dejligt at høre, at du har været med hele vejen rundt.

      Mvh, Nicolai

    3. Brian Bikes Says:

      that’s hilarious… ^_^; good idea budgeting with undie-swimwear…good luck on the last days, the updates are amazing now, really flowing the photos and places you’ve been, good luck on the last kms home!

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