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    Dag 1.387 – No milk Today (UK)

    No photos today 🙁

    No diary notes today 🙁

    No milk today 🙁

    Knee’s not too bad 🙂

    Will leave tomorrow 🙁 / 🙂

    Looking forward to Belgium 🙂

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Dag 1.387 – No milk Today (UK)”

    1. Elo Says:

      Liar! I’m pretty sure there was milk!! There still are two bottles (well, one bottle and one square bottle)

    2. Nicolai Says:

      Okay, okay, Elo. Not a liar, but maybe I need to be a bit more specific: No Milk Today as in “http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/No_Milk_Today”

      Practically, we never ran out of milk…

    3. Nicolai Says:

      File:No Milk Today.jpg

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