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    Dag 1.392 – En dag til eller fra…(UK)

    Morning view from my room...

    Lunch with Sofie. January 2010.

    The Walk…

    A Walk.

    Though part of me is itching to get back to Denmark, to get this WT-thing over and done with, hanging out with Sofie here in Zonhoven (east of Hasselt, northeastern Belgium) – which will only be my second and last stop-over in tiny Belgium – has paused me for a moment, and, really, there’s no rush getting back.

    It was a beautiful winter day in Ter Molen...

    With nigh on 1.400 days in the bag, what’s another few days?

    Sofie and Nicolai, rotating.

    It was a beautiful winter day in Ter Molen...

    Man Walking His Dog.

    Winter in Belgium 2010.

    Such a lovely dad (thank you so much, Papa Jan)…

    Papa Jan cleaning my Dutch lady. So kind.

    Snowstorm over Hasselt, Belgium.

    Weird Belgian signposting…

    Women only! Discrimination is what I call it...

    At night Sofie and I go to the movies in neighboring Genk, then a quick kebab in Hasselt through the snowstorm (above). All good!

    Ahhh, döner kebab!!

    On this day..


    2 Responses to “Dag 1.392 – En dag til eller fra…(UK)”

    1. Thomas Says:

      Lokin’ at those harmonic photos, the meaning of the headline for this day is pretty good chosen and absolute understandable !
      By the way: regarding that picture with Sofie in your arms – really a nice pair !
      (not quite serious, but not untrue too)

    2. Peter Says:


      It’s seems like you enjoyed your stay in Belgium. I hope you still have a good trip home to Danmark.

      Greetings from a fellow cyclist of Antwerp.

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