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    Day 270 – Cat Tien National Park

    Dinh Quan -> Cat Tien National Park (wooden bungalow)
    Distance (km) : 80
    Time on bike : 4h 57m
    Brutto time: 9.15 – 17.15
    Avg : 16.08 km/h
    Total (km) : 11824

    Still a very long way to go...Hanoi, 1693 km.

    Primitive houses on stilts. Near Langa Lake.

    Pushing a giant durian fruit down the hill...

    Near Cat Tien Nat. Park, southern Vietnam.

    My wooden Villa Villekulla bungalow in Cat Tien N.P.

    One of the many rocky pool areas in Cat Tien N.P.

    Curly vegetation in Cat Tien N.P

    Exciting jungle cycling in cat Tien N.P.

    Dead scorpion in Cat Tien...

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    3 Responses to “Day 270 – Cat Tien National Park”

    1. Ooh ar missus Says:

      Save the scorpion!

    2. wendy Says:

      hi – what is the official website for Cat Tien ? I cannot find it.


    3. Fjumse Says:

      Hi Wendy…

      I don’t know if they have one – maybe that’s why you can’t find it 😉


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