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    WT On Danish Radio (10FEB2010)

    Yesterday, as I crossed the German/Danish border, I was met by the Danish media. The first link is an audio file from the border crossing (yes, huge moment for me). It’s all in Danish.

    10FEB2010: DR Syd. Arrival Denmark (in Danish)

    The second link is a radio interview I just did a few hours ago, with Danish Radio Syd (Danish too)…

    10FEB2010: DR Syd. Radio Interview

    All rights reserved. DR (Danmarks Radio)

    More news later about my arrival in Denmark. Stay tuned.

    Nicolai (Sønderborg, Denmark)

    On this day..


    One Response to “WT On Danish Radio (10FEB2010)”

    1. Anders Søberg Says:

      Fine små klip. Glæder mig til møde op på Rådhuspladsen om nogle dage!

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