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    Day 1.402 – DENMARK!

    Last morning before crossing the Danish border. In Flensburg.

    Leaving Flensburg, minus 4 degrees C.

    Just 5 km to go...

    I had a few minutes to spare before the border crossing into Denmark, scheduled at 12PM. And I needed a little something to take care of those butterflies inside of me…

    Free wine tastings in the Fleggaard shop...

    100 meters to go. Denmark is virtually just around the corner...

    For now, you’ll have to imagine all the emotions that went through my head at this point, just 100 meters from the isolated Danish border post. Suffice it to say, it was a salty, strong moment for me. Unforgettable.

    Arrival DENMARK!

    Interviewed by the press at the tiny (pedestrian) border crossing...

    Action-filming at the border...

    Ragge and I, enjoying a cold (first of) Danish Tuborg beer...

    Happily back in Denmark.

    More frost on the Danish side of the border. Minus 3 C.

    Snowy Denmark.

    Dybbøl Mølle.

    Winter in Denmark, February 2010.

    Beautiful Sønderborg, southern Denmark.

    Sønderborg, southern Denmark.

    For months I’d been waiting for this moment…and true friendship rarely disappoints.

    Re-united with my best friend Anders & family...

    The nugget Mads (14 months)...


    On this day..


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