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    Day 1.405 – Arrival Middelfart!

    Breakfast in Gråsten, Denmark.

    Gråsten Slot (castle) i baggrunden...

    Oh no, more winter roads...

    Too much snow!

    Swan - the national bird in Denmark...

    Wild life in Haderslev, southern Denmark.

    Snowy crosswinds...chilly!

    Getting very close to Middelfart...

    Horses + Winter

    The Eagle Has Landed!

    Welcome home, Nicolai!

    Welcoming flowers (thanks to E&E)...

    Back home...

    Dad, mum, sister, and Lasse (boyfriend)...

    It's heavy. It's delicious. It's Danish. It's a classic. Flæskesteg med rødkål, brunede kartofler, hvide kartofler og chips...Bon appetit!

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    6 Responses to “Day 1.405 – Arrival Middelfart!”

    1. Allan Høyrup Says:

      Velkommen hjem Nicolai.

      Kan detsvære ikke komme på lørdag, da jeg bor i nordjylland, men håber du få en god dag, samme med alle dem som møder op.
      Glæder mig til at læse din bog, når du en gang er færdig med den og tak for de fantastiske levene beretninger fra din rejse.
      ( Håber ikke at du har gældsat dig for meget på din tur verden rundt, for man er først rigtig fri, når man er gældsfri )

      Mvh. Allan Høyrup

    2. La Rue Rougeau Says:

      SO happy to hear you are back with your loved ones. Remember I told you last May to make sure the photo I took was sent to your mother. I know they missed you like crazy and couldn’t wait to put their arms around you. Make sure they get a warm TEXAS “Howdy” from me!

    3. Mlle Sara Says:

      Hej Nicolai!
      At times, it’s hard to put words to some emotions or pure excitement. Thank you so much for sharing your adventures with all of us. It has been a tasty treat which I will greatly miss. This moment is particularly strong and it warms my heart to see pictures of it.
      Big hugs to you and your family!

    4. Toni Kühne Says:

      We had tears in our eyes by just reading the words of your homecoming report and in my poor swiss english we can only say: you did great, congratulations. We, Silvia and I send you all best wishes for the next “life” after your great adventure.
      toni and silvia, retired world cyclist from switzerland

    5. Ilse Maarten & Lilou Says:

      Hi Nicolai,

      Wow, you’ve made it! What a trip……….
      We hope you that although your body (and mind) are going nowhere for now, that in your heart you’ll notice that life just keeps on travelling if you look closely!
      Big hurreay for you, keep up the good spirit and love life to the fullest…..
      Greetings from Holland
      Ilse Maarten & Lilou

    6. Keith Says:

      Just wanted to say hi.
      Good to know you made it all the way back there safe and sound.
      Will have to catch up in person when I go back to the UK.

      Best of luck for your future!

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