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    Newsletter From Middelfart, Denmark (UK)

    (UK version only)

    As expected, the last few hundred meters to my parents house in Middelfart – the house where I grew up – were emotionally very heavy pedalling. Massive waves of emotions, of relief, of utter joy & happiness, of longing, of being back, of accomplishment had been rushing through me over the last few days, and now – after more than 1.400 days on the road nonstop – I was finally back home with my loved ones.

    Seeing them all standing in the driveway, waiting for me, with Danish paper flags all over, was without a doubt one of the strongest moments in my life, and the tears automatically started flowing, freestyle. I don’t really remember the last meters towards the open arms of my mum, my dad, and my sister, but the hugs were the best and deepest the world has ever seen. So unreal. So good. (See photos from my arrival here)

    After 5 days with my parents in Middelfart, I’m getting ready (practically rather than mentally) for the very final leg of the WT-expedition which will bring me back to Copenhagen, where it all started 4 years ago.

    I’ll be leaving tomorrow (Thursday) and will arrive on Saturday 20FEB2010, 12.00 PM/noon, at the RÃ¥dhuspladsen (Town Hall Square) in central Copenhagen (see my planned route into Copenhagen here).

    Undoubtedly, this, too, will be a very special moment for me. The official end of my dream, my reality over the last 1.414 days. If you happen to be in the ‘hood, come and share the moment with me. I’d be happy to see you there (tears allowing)…

    On this day..


    3 Responses to “Newsletter From Middelfart, Denmark (UK)”

    1. Bajkoni Says:

      it may be of interest to note that this final section of your journey is covered with Google Street View so one can “be there” (albeit at different time) and turn/look around, up/down, zoom in/out , move through the photo realistic scenery of the “final pedals” of the long WT episode, hopefully “to be continued” in due course 🙂 🙂

    2. loubess Says:

      hello Nicolai, A Danish friend, Claud Andersen, told us of your journey and I just saw your Ghana, Burkina Faso etc video, then kept going through your site. It’s so huge, what you did, that it made me cry. I’m happy for you! Enjoy your homecoming too! Congratulations, hip hip hip hourrah!

    3. Eliana Cobos Says:

      Hi Nicolai!

      Congratulations for completing your journey!! I feel very identified with what you did because my brother and other 11 young ecuadorians started on January this year a expedition called Yakuñan (in quechua, the route of the water). They are pedaling more than 8000 km from Quito in Ecuador to Iguazú Falls (Brazil/Argentina border) while raising awareness about the water as a natural resource at the towns and communities they visit. If you want to know more of what they are doing you can see it at http://www.yakunan.com

      Thanks for the wonderful pictures, videos, etc… thank you so much for sharing all this with all of us!

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