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    WT Photo Selection, part 2

    First of all: thanks for all comments and ideas regarding the photo selection I’m going through. It’s been a huge help and it’s helped me focus. Thank you.

    I’ve found out that I want two themes for the exhibition (thanks, Chris 🙂 )

    1) The Expedition
    2) Nature/Culture

    , where 1) is (surprise) thematically focused on the expedition side of WT, whereas 2) will be focused on the natural/cultural diversity of the World.

    The selection for the Expedition part is shown below (or view as a standard photo album here (30 photos)):

    The selection for the Nature/culture part is shown below (or view as a standard photo album here (33 photos)):

    My aim is to cut down each series to around 20 photos (i.e 40 in total) and it’ll be a huge help for me to hear, which photos you think would fit in with the exhibition, which photos could be skipped (like one of those sunset shots or one of the “curvy road” shots from China in the nature/culture series etc.)

    I hope to hear from you.


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